Bottle Your Own!

Bottle Your Own
Bottle Your Own
At Cork This! we make it easy for you to participate in bottling your own signature wine. Bottling parties are perfect for groups of friends, an evening out, or a team-building function.

We guide you through the entire process! Participants who choose to bottle their own wine will sanitize, bottle, cork, seal, and label their wine. A custom label for your batch of wine is included.

Nearly all of our wines can be bottled as a custom batch for you. Availability of varietals vary. Reservations and a $100 deposit are required. Groups of 2 – 15 people per batch is recommended. Please allow 1.5 hours per batch of wine bottled.

Batches of Personal Wine - yield 26 - 30 bottles.

Cost includes custom label, cheese and salami tray, and two additional bottles of wine to drink while bottling. $50 gratuity will be added. Groups over 10 will be charged a 20% gratuity.


Bottle Your Own Batch Prices

Not all varietals are listed.

Boot Leg Red $430.00
Bevo Blush $355.00
Girls Night Out $355.00
Alcoholiday $355.00
Irreconcilable Differences $520.00
One Night Stand $520.00
Cork This! Signature Wine $450.00
R.U.B. – Rich Urban Biker $450.00
Republican Red $430.00
Sisters Who Sip $355.00

Bottling at Cork This! Winery

Bottling at Cork This! Winery